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SEO Testimonials

The following are unedited reviews from previous Digital Class students who completed the SEO training course:

“I believe I have gained a lot from today’s course and am looking forward to implementing changes to our website. I also now have a much better understanding when talking to SEO companies that we could work with in the future.”
James Hudson

“A great introduction to the fundamentals of SEO!”
Hayley Phoel

“Michael did an amazing job in breaking down the strategies that are needed for any organization to become successful in SEO. I will take everything I learned and begin implementation. Thanks so much.”
Annetta Ramtahal

“It has been a great class. Environment is awesome and learnt a lot from the instructor. I would love to come again. Nice experience.”
Omer Hameed

“Very useful information and up to date knowledge which really helps in understanding where SEO is going. The instructor is great and answered my questions. Well done and thank you for your time.”
Mostafa E

“Digital Class have made the SEO process a lot clearer for me. Michael is patient and covers all you need to know. I wish I had done this course a long time ago. It would have saved us a fortune. Thank you.”
Jo Pratt

“I participated in the SEO course with Michael. Overall I had no expectations entering the course, but Michael’s extensive knowledge on SEO blew me away! Will definitely be returning for more courses like WordPress in the near future. Thanks Michael.”
Lani Beaven

“Michael is a patient and experienced trainer. I would highly recommend attending his classes”
Claudia Vidor

“Very grateful to Michael from Digital Class for offering such quick placement into the SEO Course recently. He easily pieced together the tidbits of knowledge I had and gave me a much broader understanding of the SEO concept.  I now have the strategies and tools in place to manage my company’s SEO campaign, so much so that we plan to do our own in-house SEO instead of paying someone else to do it for us. I would absolutely recommend the Digital Class SEO Course to anyone and look forward to further courses and workshops with Michael.”
Gemma Smith 

“Digital Class opened the gate for me to understand the concept of SEO and how it works. It definitely helped me to actually start conducting SEO on my website as well as how to and how not to do SEO. It all depends on practice and giving time to apply what was taught.”
Nash Nazer 

“Michael is a great teacher to learn from. I got what I came for and that was to learn about SEO. Michael helped me a lot with SEO and I highly recommend this course for others who need to study SEO. Thank you.”
Ilias Hassani