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WordPress Testimonials

The following are unedited reviews from previous Digital Class students who completed the WordPress training course:

“Digital Class helped us understand the fundamental concepts of WordPress. We had a basic idea before the class, but this helped us understand what each setting had. Would highly recommend.”
Cameron Spanner

“Michael is a great trainer. I took a WordPress course and he went in depth to explain and answer any of my questions thoroughly. I highly recommend this course as it is beneficial at giving a complete overview of WordPress and is easily understandable. Definitely worth going to.”
Marielle Angulo

“Training was excellent. Michael was an excellent teacher and thoroughly explained everything and was more than happy to answer and explain all my queries. Would recommend Digital Class to anybody looking to set up a WordPress site.”
Brian Murray

“Michael was fantastic from the first email asking questions to know which class would be suitable to my needs. I have learnt more in the four hours with Michael than with the company I have used for the last year. I would recommend this course to people new to this area of business like I was.”
Caroline Thorburn

“Michael is a very patient teacher, the course offers excellent resources and the price is reasonable.”
Olgney Pinto Da Silva

“I now have a much better idea on how to manage my website using WordPress thanks to Michael at Digital Class.  Michael was intuitive and interesting and made an effort to assist in every way, including assistance with our own websites. Thank you Digital Class!”
Angela Somerville

“It was a great class, now I am confident to build my website!”
Rose Repetti

“Very worthwhile course for anyone using WordPress.”
Noel Oakes

“The class was well organised and provided useful tips for me to go and create my website. Thank you for making this learning experience enjoyable.”
Eunice Man

“I found the class well paced and informative. The small class size gave the opportunity for useful revision as the course progressed.”
Gary Stocks

“Michael is a very knowledgeable and super patient. He answered all of my questions and offered support beyond the theoretical concepts. Having a website is integral to my consulting business. We were able to roll up our sleeves and work on my site which was invaluable! I’ve already registered to comeback for WordPress 2.0!”
Biance Y Lee

“Michael was extremely efficient in following up my online request for WordPress training. He came to my office and allowed parts of my training to be specifically structured around my upcoming website projects.”
Gemma Hanley

“After doing introductory WordPress training with Michael, I feel I can build and publish my own website with confidence.”
Paul Long

“Michael ran the course professionally and with care to ensure all students were catered for completely. The day was enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.”
Dave Isaacs

“Thank you Michael for sharing your knowledge of WordPress. I learnt a lot in your one day class that I will be able to use to create great sites for my own clients.”
Fletcher Henry

“Before doing the Digital Class WordPress workshop I had very little understanding of the basics of setting up a website. I’m now so much more confident in my ability to build my own WordPress site, and look forward to creating more sites in the future. The class was well paced, clear and supportive, and I would highly recommend it to anyone keen to learn wordpress.”
Celia Boyd

“Michael was a great teacher who assisted with each of our individual needs, easy to understand and could answer all my questions”
Ana Toldoya

“I had not had any formal training and was getting into problems with WordPress. I thank Michael for a very helpful and informative afternoon and for bringing me up to speed. I feel I can now maintain our website with ease and confidence.”
Sue Troath

“Great material to enable building my own website. Thanks Michael!”
Geoff Postle

“If you think you can’t build your own WordPress web site think again! This face to face training course run by Michael solves your problem. I was a WordPress novice and learnt more in the training session than I thought possible, the tips and tricks have helped me a lot and I am now planning on doing Michael’s SEO course to take my web site to the next level. Thanks Michael!”
Lisa, Business Coach

“For someone that isn’t tech savvy, the class was very straight forward and easy to understand. Highly recommended.”
Rodney Fitzgerald

“I needed a website for my business but I knew nothing about web design. I wanted my site online but I also wanted to gain the skills to create and modify the content or change the structure and design if I needed, without waiting for a web designer to do so.

Michael’s clear explanation of the WordPress platform made each step in building the site straightforward and easy to follow – both in terms of content and design. My website was set up very quickly and then with his lessons, building the site I wanted to build was very simple. Michael has a real talent for demystifying all the technical jargon and I very quickly understood how the pieces of my website puzzle fit together. With his no nonsense approach I was given practical advice on how to achieve what I’d set out to do. Michael is a real inspiration, full of suggestions, with a genuine interest in your project.

Since my site has gone live, I’ve had regular contact with Michael for technical support. He was not only able to help me each time but more importantly he taught me how to resolve the issues for myself in the future. If a problem was particularly complicated, Michael provided the extra support required and I was rapidly back on track.

Michael’s clear presentation on how Google and other search engines operate gave me a realistic time frame to help my site reach Google’s first page. He also made clear the steps that I needed to take to increase traffic to my site, through Search Engine Optimization and social media.

Michael is a true teacher and a real facilitator. He took the time to listen to all my questions and answered them in a simple and very practical way, until what I didn’t understand was made clear and I could keep on learning. At no time did I feel I needed to be tech savvy to build my own site, nor did I feel that anything I wanted to achieve was out of my reach. Through his clear, simple instructions and truly great support, I watched my site develop and flourish, reaching Google’s first page with my client base growing steadily – not believing in the end that I did all that myself.”

Gregory Pommier